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When it comes to a building or renovation project for your home or workplace, one of the most important question you must ask yourself is whether you want to go for plaster or drywall?

Aesthetics are often the first thing people notice when they enter a space. Therefore, you must choose what you want beforehand so that you can plan your building or renovation timelines accordingly.

Plaster has been the most used material for building processes since Egyptian times; however, with the progress of technology and fast-paced work routines, new and more advanced materials have emerged, such as drywall, but the aesthetics and the quality of a plaster wall cannot be matched by drywall.


In terms of quality, plaster has no competition due to several reasons. Plaster is highly durable and will most likely last you a lifetime compared to drywall which may chip or crack with time. Plaster is also known to outperform drywall in several areas, such as soundproofing, insulation and fireproofing. Therefore plaster is always a better choice than drywall. Plaster will always be more durable and longer lasting.

Lets also not forget one of the most important aspects of plaster over drywall, its resistance to mold and mildew, which is a major issue when working with drywall, and any water leak in the wall may lead to mold quickly.


Aesthetics are a key concern for homeowners who plan to have durable and long-lasting work from the start. Aesthetics must be timeless and subtle so that they may last years or even generations. Plasterwork allows the homeowner to choose between multiple moldings, casements, and designs for their spaces, along with a range of finishes so that each space may have a unique feel to it. In old houses, plasterwork is of utmost importance, and its aesthetics are what make the house look and feel unique and beautiful. Skilled plaster artisans are now rare and may come at a higher price with more labor-intensive work, but the quality and aesthetics are remarkable and timeless and will last you a lifetime.


In terms of durability, there is no better material than plaster as it is highly recommended in areas with a higher footfall and may last years with a lower probability of wear and tear or damage through everyday activities. On the other hand, drywall is more prone to damage and easily dented or engraved; therefore, it may not be recommended in homes with young children.

The cost of renovation or building is probably one of the most defining factors of the decisions made during the process. However, it is always sensible to aim for quality over cost when it comes to building as it is not something you want to continue to repair or have issues with. Easy installation and less labor-intensive work may benefit you in the short term but will lead to bigger problems in the future; therefore, it is better to prioritize durable, long-lasting, and timeless finishes of plaster as compared to easy installation and lower costs of drywall for a lifetime of relief.


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